foot function evaluation


Evaluation of foot function, footwear, biomechanics, and posture. Some footwear modifications can immediately help patients.


Foot Injuries

Diagnosis of foot problems and injuries.

close up of a broken toenail

Nail Treatments

Treatment of nails including trimming, filing, bracing, and nail surgery.

Custom orthotics


Custom made foot orthotics of various types. When possible, modification and repair of orthotics that a patient may already have can be done by removal or addition of materials.

Toe Orthotics

Toe Orthotics

Custom made toe orthoses of various shapes for various to deformities.

Callous on foot

Corns & Callouses

Treatment of corns and callouses (hard skin) by trimming, filing, padding, creams, and offloading.

Custom orthotics

Foot Care

Foot care particularly for diabetics, seniors, persons with poor circulation or reduced sensation or mobility disability. Pedicure salons may be unsafe for these persons.

pain in the foot


Prescriptions for medications related to feet such as antibiotics, antifungal creams, and anti-inflammatory medications. For items related to general health such as edema, and chronic pain, Dr. Furtak often prefers that prescriptions are managed by the family physician.

x-ray of feet


Radiographs may be ordered from Insight or MIC when needed. Our staff can also obtain reports for radiographs and other imaging that the patient has had done.